Waterways Ireland and information

From Kevin Humphreys [Labour, Dublin South East] in a Dáil debate on the second stage of the Freedom of Information Bill 2013 on Thursday 3 October 2013 [with thanks to KildareStreet.com]:

There are several agencies which, because they are North-South bodies, must, I understand, be excluded from the provisions of the Bill before us today. However, oversight of these bodies is important. We should examine whether safefood, Tourism Ireland and Waterways Ireland, for example, might be brought within the scope of the legislation. My experience of dealing with Waterways Ireland on several occasions is that it is extremely difficult to extract information from it. Including it and other bodies with a North-South remit in the freedom of information regime would be useful for citizens, Members of this House and journalists.

Emphasis mine.

I must chase up my outstanding queries ….


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