Revenge for Castle Forbes

I mentioned the Right Hon the Earl of Granard, KP, GCVO here with a link to his greatest claim to fame here. But change is afoot, according to the [ex-Manchester, not Nenagh] Grauniad.

I suspect, though, that I’m one of the “grey and ponderous relics of the Victorian era” mentioned by the Grauniad, and not one of the “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed people who are agile enough to respond to new situations”: I think the Grauniad‘s new design is dreadful. It’s designed to make you waste as much time as possible reading a random assortment of headlines while you try to find out whether there is anything you want to read. I presume that ads or something are shown while you’re doing so, but I don’t see them. Many news sites seem to be adopting similar layouts, so three cheers for (a) RSS feeds and (b) ibreezeit.

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