Speaking of nitwits …

this might explain why so many of them get elected in Ireland.

5 responses to “Speaking of nitwits …

  1. Thomas Paul McCann

    You’re beating your head off the wall

  2. Her Majesty’s government have a sizeable Civil Service to provide the practical administrative experience at running the country and advise Ministers on policy – has the Ireland no such body of talent with which to support its TDs?

  3. Not I: I’m having a drink of coffee porter. But it’s always nice to have some science to support one’s prejudices. bjg

  4. Unfortunately there is a mad idea that ministers should be allowed to make the major decisions. I see that HMG is suffering from the same problem — and that HM subjects will suffer even more as a result. I have, of course, a plan for solving that dog’s brexit. bjg

  5. The skill of the Civil Service is in always presenting Ministers with a selection of options upon which they may decide, which result in them chosing the correct one.
    The recent/impending Brexit calamity is because of a lunatic idea to let “the people” make a decision all by themselves :)

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