Big it up for Waterways Ireland

Waterways Ireland and the National Trails Office have come together to develop a technical specification, including code of practice and risk assessment for canoe and small vessel trails in Ireland.

The National Trails Office started work on the classification of water based trails in its publication,”Classification and grading of recreational trails.” The purpose of this tender is to develop this process further and produce a technical specification, including a code of practice and risk assessment for the future development of canoe and other small water vessel trails on the rivers and waterways of Ireland.

Tender notice on the eTenders Public Procurement website here, but you may need to be registered to get the bumpy.

This is a Jolly Good Idea and much to be encouraged. There are some suggestions for possible trails (mostly not on WI waters) on this site.

2 responses to “Big it up for Waterways Ireland

  1. Is there nothing left that is not being taken over by health and bloody safety. What has happened to common sense and the ability to make up ones own mind as to whether you go on the water or not. I see all these ‘programmes’ as nothing more than a way of justifying the existence of H&S. They must sit at their desks all day thinking of new ways to annoy people and ‘prove’ their worth.

  2. Health and safety is how organisations protect themselves against folk claiming compensation for accidents that may well have been their own fault. bjg

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