Despised and rejected of men

A free pint of stout (at a location of my choosing) …

… to the first person to identify the location of that rather sad stretch of canal.

Yes, of course I know where it is: I cut and pasted it from the OSI map.


After Liam’s successful identification, here’s the location:

Information about this rejected line would be welcome.

7 responses to “Despised and rejected of men

  1. Errinagh, near Limerick ?

  2. No: that’s still in water and connected (though not navigably) at both ends. bjg

  3. The Lullymore Canal. Guinness preferably, Liam.

  4. Well done. The pint is yours. I might be as far north as Tarmonbarry in the summer …. bjg

  5. Keenans or the Purple Onion. Lets hope the creamy head does not go flat !!!!

  6. I’ve made a note to contact you when we know our summer plans. If you’re down this way in the meantime (or you see our boat somewhere) …. bjg

  7. Will do –

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