Barrow Corridor Study

The Barrow Corridor Study is now available on the Waterways Ireland — in twelve separate chapters, alas. Catering for folk with two-stroke modems is a good thing, but what about catering as well for those of us with broadband and pains in our mouses?

4 responses to “Barrow Corridor Study

  1. What an extraordinarily thorough looking study that is Brian. Sadly, it’s not thorough enough for, unless I have missed it in my first reading, there is no mention of the water abstraction plant currently being built upstream of Athy.

    Given the potential impact this will have on both the river’s ecology and navigation in a dry summer I am a little surprised by its absence: it has the potential to be every bit as damaging to the river’s ecology and navigation as the drainage scheme above Athy was in the 1930 (I mentioned this to an Environment Officer at WI recently and was unsurprised to hear that Dublin and Kildare’s drinking water would win over the river’s flow should a choice have to be made.)


  2. It also reflects a complete failure to grasp the nature of the Barrow and the navigational difficulties that beset it. I’ll write more on this later, but it’s very depressing to find the boating recommendations are so unrealistic.

    The report refers in a couple of places to events that will be happening in 2011, so it may have been written in 2010. I wonder why it took so long to be published. bjg

  3. Disappointed that as the only cruising restaurant on the Barrow,Nore or estuary that we didn’t get al least one line in the Study.
    I realise that we are only operating for the past 40 years.


  4. Your improved website is looking very well, Mark, and I can personally recommend the cruises. bjg

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