The ghost van of Lowtown

Look! There behind the camper van: it’s a white Waterways Ireland van.

Here’s a rear view.

What can this mean? Is it a stealth van? A dancing van? A kinky van? Or is Waterways Ireland changing its corporate image, away from the standard blue vans? Does someone in WI want to be a White Van Man? Or is it because the van is based in Kildare? Why is there a white van in the WI fleet?

Enquiring minds want to know.

2 responses to “The ghost van of Lowtown

  1. i would reckon that it is on hire but never mind about waterways ireland,since when did the a-team change the colour of their van and are they in lowtown to fight the good fight against eviction?the last i heard of them they were hiding out in a los angeles suburb.

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