Government stimulus

According to the Irish Times:

Ahead of the summit later this month, Government departments have been told to draw up lists of capital projects with potential to create thousands of jobs for which funding would be sought if EU leaders agree on the package at the meeting to be held a week before polling day here.

Will DAHG be able to resist the temptation of suggesting the Clones canal? I’m sure that, since it discovered the project was going to cost almost one third more than it had originally believed, it has had teams of economists busily reassessing its, er, viability (and I’m expecting a visit from the easter bunny at any moment) so it will have its “business case” ready.

Still, there’s a slightly more cheering take on the matter here, where Michael Taft suggests that the government won’t be able to get much money for “stimulus”. I like the idea of using project bonds for the Clones Canal, though it might be hard to show that it qualified as “key strategic EU infrastructure in transport, energy and broadband” despite the Irish state’s delusions.

3 responses to “Government stimulus

  1. I hope they suggest and get funding. Sure maybe you could get a wee job there yourself, doing a bit of digging. /winks/

  2. The worst possible outcome. Rather than a debt writedown, capital grants to prime the parish pump so we can learn nothing as a race and be back in this situation in 20 years times.

  3. What looks like an even more fat-headed scheme is being contemplated for another waterway. It may even be more insane than the Erne Canal proposal, difficult though that be to believe. bjg

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