Fox II (113B)

Thanks to Liam Kelly for these photos of the retired WI maintenance vessel Fox celebrating her 75th birthday in dry dock at Roosky recently.






5 responses to “Fox II (113B)

  1. David FitzPatrick

    Re “Fox II” which I prefer to recall as “113 B”.
    In 1952 John Tomkins, the then Scoutmaster of the 20th Dublin Dundrum Scout Troop, organised a summer camp expeditionion which 20 members of the troop travelled by barge – needless to say 113B – from the 9th Lock on the Grand Canal to Waterford along the Barrow Navigation. We were led to believe that this was the first use of the navigation since before the War.
    As the journey was slow the Scouts who had brought their bikes detoured each day to sights along the canal also climbing Mount Lainster on the way meeting with 113B in the evenings when camp was pitched.
    We ended our trip in Straadbally where a more traditional camp was held for some days and returned to Dundrum by bus to be greeted by parents with Intermediate Certificate results – fortunately no mdisasters.
    At a final campfire a song was produced;

    113B – Oh what fun as we run down the river
    113B – we’ll be sorry to say goodbye
    (but we must go)
    So dear friends farewell
    In the end we were just like brothers
    Here’s to Tom Hughes*
    Let us hope we’ll meet again
    some other day!
    * Barge Captain

  2. Thanks very much for that, David. I wonder whether the 12th Roscommon scouts realise that they won’t be the first scouts on 113B. Have you any photos of the expedition? And can you remember the tune to which the song was set? bjg

  3. David FitzPatrick

    Dear bjg
    I now have only one photo of the trip which shows most of the troop posing on the barge with tom Hughes and his colleague. John Tomkins was a professional pohbotogragpher and also made a film of the trip. Presently he lives near Stranrar and I have intended writing to ask if has any remaining records. I have a feeling he may have sent them to the National archive in Bishop Street or to the Photographic Archive. Anyhow you have now spurred m einto action and I’ll make a few contacts over the next week or so.

    The tune – I forget the name but remember it well and have put it on a wave which I can send you by email with a copy of the photo I have if you give me an address.

    I’ll keep in touch


  4. I’ve replied direct to David. bjg

  5. Hi – just found out my great grandfather was Tom Hughes referenced in song above and would love any additional details or history on the boat to share with my dad.

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