The Recreational Vehicle Rights Campaign

In February 2011 I drew attention to the discrimination against the owners of camper vans and to the attempts of the RVRC, the Recreational Vehicle Rights Campaign, to end this discrimination:

We seek the provision of free facilities for camper-vans. We want a cross-border body of our own, RVways Ireland.

We have adopted Dana Lyons’s song RV as our anthem; you can listen to it free here (and while you’re at it see the animations of his best-known song here).

But things have got worse: Waterways Ireland has made up new signs specifically aimed at camper vans, forcing them to park in outer darkness, away from the loos and the floating white plastic whatsits.



We are not consoled by the suggestion that there is no discrimination because Waterways Ireland is banning the floating white plastic whatsits from the same area. They at least can float, but camper vans should not be surrounded by water and ducks.

Camper, water, ducks

Camper, water, ducks


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