WI budget

I mentioned the Northern Ireland budget and its effects on Waterways Ireland here; Nelson McCausland [DUP] gives an overview of the effects on DCAL here, including this:

The North/South language bodies and Waterways Ireland, while outside the scope of this budget reduction exercise, will see their budgets fall by over £1 million collectively, as agreed at the relevant North/South Ministerial Council (NSMC) meetings.


One response to “WI budget

  1. As the ‘North/South Bodies’ are intended to stop us all murdering each other, it would be interesting to see if there will be any correlation between this £1000,000 cut in public funding and subsequent nefarious activities by enemies of the peace process. I’m guessing that few members of the Continuity IRA would in actual fact be persuaded to cease their activities by the promise of a narrowboat holiday on the Ulster Canal, but it is not for me to speak for them.

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