The Church of the Sacred Heart, Roscommon

So there you are, en route from Kingsbridge railway station in Dublin to Westport in Co Mayo. Or, as it might be, from Westport to Dublin. Either way, the journey takes at least three hours.

What you would like, of course, is to lengthen the journey by making a little stop along the way. In particular, you would like to stop in Roscommon to see the Church of the Sacred Heart. You could get off your train, visit the church and then catch the next train. You might even be able to do the same in Castlerea.

That is according to Senator Terry Leyden of Fianna Fáil. Now that the Shannon stopover, which hijacked transatlantic passengers en route to Dublin, is no more, the good Senator proposes an equivalent for the railways.

2 responses to “The Church of the Sacred Heart, Roscommon

  1. And to think that the Irish people had a chance to do away with these 60 gombeens a few years ago and voted against it.

    Even if the underlying idea had merit, an online portal where tourists could plan their trip in advance around seeing the delights of Roscommon (or wherever) would be the better solution.

    For the record, I am happy to state that I voted for the abolition of the Seanad.

  2. 54, I hope, on the assumption that the university senators are slightly more sensible, although I was sadly disappointed, some years ago, to find one or two of them speaking in favour of the Clones Sheugh. bjg

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