Public sector cutbacks

The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, which is ultimately in charge of waterways, has published an organisation chart [one-page PDF]. It shows that the department has a minister and a minister of state and a secretary general.

At the next level down there are five main divisions:

  • Corporate Affairs
  • Arts, Film, Music, Cultural Institutions
  • Heritage
  • Gaeilge, Gaeltacht & Islands
  • Central Translation Unit & Placenames.

Each of the first three is headed by an assistant secretary; the fourth has a Director of Irish and the fifth a plain director. The department is spread between offices in Galway, Killarney, Wexford and four locations in Dublin.

So where, I hear you ask, are waterways looked after? We have to come down to the next level, the principal officers, to find out. And there, we find that Corporate Affairs has three POs, one of whom is responsible for

HR, Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance, N/S Co-ordination & Waterways Irl.

That’s quite a lot of things for one person to be responsible for.


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