This week’s big shout out …

… [I do hope I’m using the idiom correctly: I gather it’s the latest phrase the young folk use to applaud some worthy person or initiative] for Ian Jack in the Grauniad, for his piece on Huddersfield, where one pushes one’s boat through canals broad and narrow. whereof there is much to be learned (and fine things to be seen) on the Pennine Waterways website.

Stalybridge, mentioned in the article, is where “It’s a long way to Tipperary” was composed and first sung.

2 responses to “This week’s big shout out …

  1. Nothing to do with the Huddersfield Narrow really but –
    Walsall continues to counter-claim (and also refutes the Stalybridge story) that ‘Its a long way to Tipparary’ was composed in a pub in their town – which was also the writer’s home town; and also claims there were witnesses to the fact.
    Great song though!

  2. True — although the song itself is not true from here: Tipperary is only five or six miles away.

    If I make a post about Walsall, I’ll try to work in its claim to fame!


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