WI has won an award

WI has won the Public Sector Award from the [Dublin] Docklands Business Forum. The award is for

[…] its active contribution to the Docklands Summer Festival, the South Docks Festival, Tall Ships Festival and Docklands community life throughout 2012.

With docklands moorings becoming available, WI may have a chance of retaining its award next year.

Incidentally, we learned earlier this week about music at the Box in the Docks; the Public Sector Award press release has more information about the Box:

Waterways Ireland owns and manages a multipurpose centre in the Basin which is used as a Visitor Centre during the summer season and provided a linchpin for the festival and events as well as community activity such as the Waterways Ireland Community Choir.

And we hear a rumour that models are being built ….

By the way, WI is compiling its events guide for next year: get your event in to them by 25 January 2013.

4 responses to “WI has won an award

  1. for doing their job!
    i wonder was it a gold star in the copybook type award or a ” i’d like to thank my mom and god, without their belief and support i never could have done it” type award..

  2. I am by no means a supporter of (or participant in) marketing-led artificial events, but I think it’s better to have WI organising stuff in GCD than not. Its predecessor bodies didn’t really do that sort of thing. The outcomes should be evaluated, though, and the benefits (financial and non-financial) weighed against the costs. Oddly enough, I recently asked WI for a list of those who were supported by its sponsorship programme as well as any studies or evaluations of the outcomes. WI asked me to give them more time …. I intend to ask a similar question about its marketing strategy as a whole (and about why it is not integrated with its corporate strategy). bjg

  3. i totally agree.i was not having a pop at w.w.i. i am just pointing out the absurdity of all these american style awards as in man who eats all his greens recieves a lifetime achievement award.i am just getting a bit grumpy because it is so close to christmas.next ,i will get on to man commended for riding a harley davidson across route 66 for charity….

  4. Go on, then. I missed the Harleey Davidson thingie …. bjg

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