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More bridges

Some early pics of the Thames [h/t CELR].

London Docklands

Big it up for the Museum of London Docklands, near Canary Wharf. You can go there on the DLR, always a bonus, which will counteract the queasiness you feel at proximity to a large number of bankers, accountants and lawyers.

Apart from any temporary exhibitions, the Museum offers a chronological account of the ports of London from Roman times to the present day; you start on the third floor and work downwards. The timeline anchors the narrative, but there is no attempt to pretend that there is a single uncontested history: conflicts over slavery, dock labour schemes and modern redevelopment are all presented, using a mixture of text, displays of artefacts large and small, models, paintings, audio and video. Easy to spend several hours there; the Docklands at War section was particularly interesting.

And if you have time afterwards, nip around to The Grapes for bangers and mash (£6.50) [or whatever you like] and a pint of Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, which (weather permitting) you may be able to consume on the balcony overlooking the Thames, with the shingle below on which the mudlarks worked, while you remember all those Conrad novels and sing “Sweet Thames flow softly” .

Sailing up the Liffey (not)

While in Blighty I read a brief but entertaining piece in [HM] Independent newspaper [a piece that doesn’t seem to be available online] saying that the Sean O’Casey pedestrian bridge, which spans the Liffey in Dublin, cannot be opened because the remote control has been missing since 2010.

The story doesn’t seem to have had much coverage in Ireland, but The Journal seems to have originated it; it has been picked up by MSN and there is discussion at boards.ie, although I don’t know that many people will be inconvenienced by the inability to get tall vessels into a relatively short stretch of water.

Dublin docklands

A conference to be held on 21 September 2013.

WI has won an award

WI has won the Public Sector Award from the [Dublin] Docklands Business Forum. The award is for

[…] its active contribution to the Docklands Summer Festival, the South Docks Festival, Tall Ships Festival and Docklands community life throughout 2012.

With docklands moorings becoming available, WI may have a chance of retaining its award next year.

Incidentally, we learned earlier this week about music at the Box in the Docks; the Public Sector Award press release has more information about the Box:

Waterways Ireland owns and manages a multipurpose centre in the Basin which is used as a Visitor Centre during the summer season and provided a linchpin for the festival and events as well as community activity such as the Waterways Ireland Community Choir.

And we hear a rumour that models are being built ….

By the way, WI is compiling its events guide for next year: get your event in to them by 25 January 2013.