Waterman, spare that tree!

I and others have commented on WI’s cutting of trees along the banks of the Grand Canal. One aspect that didn’t strike me until today is that, if you didn’t remove waterside trees, you wouldn’t be able to insert new mooring posts.

Above Lock 34

Above Lock 34

Looking back up from the lock

Looking back up from the lock


Close-up of reed-cutting tractor

Close-up of reed-cutting tractor


Below Lock 34

Below Lock 34

Compared with the old black and white bollards, the new lack a certain je ne sais quoi, but I suppose they could be painted if people paid up.

3 responses to “Waterman, spare that tree!

  1. Plenty of room to plant trees away back from the banks, where the roots won’t destroy the canal and prevent mooring!

  2. At Pikes Bridge on the Royal, the stumps started off like that (spotted about a month ago when passing on the train) – but they have since been painted up and numbered. I can send you photos if you wish.

  3. Thanks, Ewan: a pic or two would be nice. bjg

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