The Slaney cot: photos

I wrote here about a Slaney cot, built by Larry Duggan, which we had spotted on its way to Wales. The owner has very kindly sent some more photos of the cot’s construction, of Larry Duggan and of the cot on the Usk; I have put them on a separate page here.

4 responses to “The Slaney cot: photos

  1. Dear Brian,
    very good bokk. How operate this bridge from your cover, with a spindle or with hydraulic system?
    Thank you in advance

  2. Thank you. The bridge is lifted by a team of Irish Railways staff [you can see the operation here]; I think the power is electric. The bridge is lifted only on specified days (about ten a year) and at specified times. bjg

  3. Dear Brian,
    thank you very much indeed for your kind help.
    I saw on the pictures a tooth rack and so I think the engine on the top of the post operate the lifting.
    This is a technical wonder.
    You are a great writer

    Vety kind regards

  4. Thank you. bjg

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