Eel fishing

In Foreign Parts.

h/t Tyler Cowen

One response to “Eel fishing

  1. I used to fish on the Munster Blackwater west of Mallow for eels using a rod and line and earth worms . I used to catch many eels up to one pound in weight during the 1950’s and 60’s and really enjoyed cooking and eating them. The largest was over 3 feet long and weighed just over 3 lbs. I used to swim regularly in the river and every large rock concealed a good sized eel.I noticed in the 1990’s that eels had become scarce and now it is a rare sight to uncover a small one under a rock.What has happened?
    I should mention that in preparation for cooing I used to nail the eels by the head onto a tree and slit the skin at the neck so that I could catch it with 2 pliers and peel it off like a glove before cutting the eel into sections for frying.

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