B Specials on the Shannon-Erne Waterway?

I see from the blatts that Her unfortunate Majesty’s Government is considering having vigilantes to man Her borders, just as they have in that nice Mr Trump’s domain.

Concerns have been raised in recent years about the coverage of dozens of minor harbours and landing places in the UK.

Her Majesty also has a land border, part of which runs along the Shannon–Erne Waterway, so no doubt volunteers will be needed there too. The Ulster Special Constabulary provides a possible model, notably the B Specials:

  • B Specials – part-time, usually on duty for one evening per week and serving under their own command structure, and unpaid, although they had a generous system of allowances (which were reduced following the reorganisation of the USC a few years later), served wherever the RIC served and manned Mobile Groups of platoon size; (originally 19,000 members).


5 responses to “B Specials on the Shannon-Erne Waterway?

  1. I am sure Waterways Ireland will be up to the task.

  2. What might happen if we decided to leave our boat in Quivy near Belturbet over the winter. We might not be returning until after ‘Brexit day’ (whenever that might be) and would have to travel in and out of the UK (NI) enroute home. Would this be allowed? Has anybody considered this issue?

  3. You will of course require different protocols for the port side of your boat, which will be in the Free State on the Woodford River, and the starboard, which will be in the Glorious Free realm of Brexit. If you wish to move a ham sandwich from one side of the boat to the other, you will first have to take it through a Border Inspection Post [I think the nearest are at Dublin Port and Dublin Airport] where different rules will apply to the bread and to the meat. bjg

  4. Thanks for the information. I will now avoid ham sandwiches when travelling on the SEW.

  5. I think you would be safest to avoid all food and drink during the passage. bjg

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