The Officer

I see from the blatts that Dickie Fletcher, who set up the Galley cruising restaurant in New Ross, bought a boat called The Officer after the Ross and before the St Ciarán and St Brendan. I had not heard of The Officer before; I would welcome information (leave a Comment below) about its past and (if any) present.

5 responses to “The Officer

  1. My friend the late Simon Nolan was skipper of the Galley restaurant probably in the 1980s. I don’t know which boat he used- but it was flat bottomed and frequently ran up on sand banks!
    Vincent Delany

  2. The Officer was owned and operated by Denis Sinnott I believe. I have a faint memory of a trip down river on her as a child.
    This is a link to an old postcard view of her on the river

    Passenger Launch Officer

  3. According to a comment on the Waterford Maritime History Facebook page she was sold to a man in Youghal who operated her for a while on the Blackwater and may have ended up sunk near Cappoguin.

    Link to the Facebook post, it’s a public group so should be accessible by everyone.

  4. That’s great; thanks, Paul. I got the impression from the obituary that Dickie Fletcher didn’t own the boat for long. bjg

  5. Again thank you. bjg

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