Shannon–Erne Waterway marker August 2018

One side of the marker is intended to be white, the other red. But which is which?


4 responses to “Paint

  1. Only if it was on middle ground, but I don’t think those are used on our inland waterways. Markers are red to port, white to starboard when going upstream or into bays (or the other way around, I haven’t been there in decades). Vice versa when going in the opposite direction. Given that this one is near the R.H. bank, I guess it is white on rust. Red is, after all, the natural colour for steel in this part of the world.

  2. On the other hand, maybe I am wrong, it does happen ;-)

  3. This was the only marker I happened to photograph, but it was not the only one on which the white paint had largely disappeared, while the red had pale streaks on it. This one was also unusually far from the bank, and might confuse. bjg

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