P J G Ransom

P J G Ransom died on 27 March 2019.

I don’t know anything about his work on railways, but he gave generous coverage to Irish history in his waterways books. His Holiday Cruising in Ireland (David & Charles 1971) was carefully researched; if memory serves, his is still one of the few accounts of cruising on the Corrib. Finally, it was he who found the drawing of William Watson’s 120-foot canal passenger boat, developed for the Limerick Navigation; the drawing is now in the Canal & River Trust Museum & Archive at Ellesmere Port.

4 responses to “P J G Ransom

  1. The only book of his I was aware of was his work “The Archeaology of Railways”, which I read as one of the three such works covering railway archaeology in Britain, in advance of researching and writing my own (online) work about the railway archaeology of Ireland.

  2. I take this opportunity to provide a link (and a recommendation) to Ewan’s Railway Archaeology of Ireland, which is (rightly) not for trainspotters: http://industrialheritageireland.info/railwayarchaeology/index.php/railway-archaeology-of-ireland/


  3. I had the pleasure of correspondence with P.J.G.Ransom, when i was researching info on Bolinder engines and some other archive material relating to James Pollard and Sons who designed and built a number of boats (barges) with Bolinder engines for the G.C.C. circa 1911. P.j.G. Ransom directed me to where some of the archival material is stored near Greenwich, London. I am sorry to hear of this gentleman’s passing. May he rest in peace.

  4. Thanks, Alan. Nice to hear from you. bjg

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