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Nothing to do with waterways …

… but is the modern dance troupe Prodijig named in tribute to Baron Kilclooney (né John Taylor)? He was quoted as saying:

I’m an Ulsterman, not an Irishman. I don’t jig at crossroads or play Gaelic football or speak Irish. We’ve got two races on this island. In every respect we are a different race from Gerry Adams. We are not fellow Irishmen.

The Ulster Canal and WI assets

I’ve received a partial response (described as a full release, but actually ignoring several of my questions) from Waterways Ireland to some questions about the Ulster Canal. You can read about it here; it includes interesting information about the current valuation of sites in Dublin that might have raised money for the construction of the canal to Clones.

I’m writing this in advance of the Irish budget, due on 7 December 2010; it will be interesting to see whether Ajai Chopra gives the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs enough capital to pay for the first year’s proposed work on the canal.