Royal steam

How many steamers were used on the Royal Canal? The standard answer is five, but the right answer might be nine or ten. Read about Fishbourne, the unknown carrier, here.

6 responses to “Royal steam

  1. Hi while researching my family i found a letter in the Irish Times from Walter Durkin regarding the state of the Royal Canal saying how good the condition of the Canal was. The letter was sent in October 1877, it was followed the next day in The Irish Times with a letter from the Canal company stating how Mr. Durkin had travelled the Canal and found it in good repair.And after thirty years working on the Canal he found it better condition than ever and as one of the oldest and largest traders on the Canal was well placed to know.

  2. Thank you. Are you related to Willie? bjg

  3. Hi bjg Yes Willie was my dad’s cousin and Willie’s dad Jim was Walter Durkin’s nephew and Walter’s dad John was where it all started on Charleville Mall in 1845/50.

  4. Niall Galway might still have the recording of the interview with Willie Leech if you’re interested. bjg

  5. Yes i would , how would as would my cousins i get in touch with Mr. Galway. Thanks.

  6. I’ll email you direct. bjg

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