Prothero on the Erne

The Erne in the 1890s, from the Cruising Club Manual.

2 responses to “Prothero on the Erne

  1. Lough Keel Canal.

    Another Canal System, which has fallen into disrepair is the Lough Keel Canal, which linked the farmyard from the Rockingham Estate in Boyle, Co.Roscommon to Lough Keel and then on to Lough Key. The stone cut harbour is still evident, but the line of the canal is hard to find as Coillte have over the years planed the area. The harbour is adjacent to the Lough Keel Scouts campsite. The line of the canal is evident on the old OS map.

  2. Thanks, Liam. Of all the smaller canals mentioned here, the Lough Keel/Rockingham was, as far as I know, the only one to have a lock. Unfortunately I’ve never been to it, so I have no photos, but the lock is shown on the historic 6″ OSI map at this point. The later historic 25″ OSI map (~1900) does not show the lock. I must get up there one day …. bjg

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