Waterways trees

Nama to Nature has been planting trees at Keshcarrigan on the Shannon–Erne Waterway, along which far too many developers wanted to sell houses that would have fast boats parked outside. I don’t know whether my photo shows the Waterways estate or a different one.

Keshcarrigan September 2011


h/t Ireland after NAMA.

4 responses to “Waterways trees

  1. That’s the Waterways Estate in your photo Brian -Jill and I had a walk round it last year and were very amused by the ‘lifestyle’ posters on the site’s hoarding boards: the boats depicted were so ill-suited to the SEW they would have had their props and drives destroyed before they’d even left the lake!

  2. Good: thanks. Destroying the boats’ props and drives might have given the banks (that’s the waterway’s banks, not the financial institutions) some protection. bjg

  3. Hi Brian,
    Different Voices on Newstalk will bring a documentary of the ghost estates at Keshcarrigan, Newtowngore, and Ballinamore this weekend.

  4. Thanks, Tina. bjg

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