A quay on a tributary of the Shannon, with reeds in the foreground.


3 responses to “Quay

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  2. I regret failing to recognise Clarecastle. The more so since I had gone to quite some effort to take my daughter Clare there. See the last picture at http://www.forsythe.demon.co.uk/clare.htm and I will upload to Facebook. Am I right that there is more than one quay there?

  3. Your daughter is evidently a well brought up young lady, having been exposed to railways and waterways at an early age.

    There are indeed two quays at Clarecastle; the second (select Historic 25″ if necessary) is a few hundred yards downstream from the first, that whereon Clare was sitting. It was the subject of much interesting discussion in the latter part of the nineteenth century and I hope to write about that one day (it’s on my list …). However, standing on top of the downstream quay, as I have done several times, gives no clue to the nature of its face: I had to get permission to climb the embankment on the far side to get the photo, which even then was obscured by reeds.


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