Dublin or bust

If you’re not already a reader of Barge Hawthorn’s blog, may I suggest that you start now? The account of the descent into Dublin along the Royal Canal, over three days, features mounting tension, a really superb photo of the M50 aqueduct and a happy ending when Effin Bridge lifted when required.

You can work your way backwards through earlier posts to find the how and the why.

2 responses to “Dublin or bust

  1. quite how casual tourist hirers could cope with all this, I really do not know! “Cruising ring, my arse”, one might contend…..

  2. Nonsense, my dear chap. Where’s your spirit of adventure? True canal-goers like that sort of thing and rarely travel without angle-grinders, large poles, bolt-cutters, wetsuits and welding gear. bjg

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