More mooring locations on the canals

From a WI presser received this afternoon:

The second set of locations offering the E.M.P include the Floating Moorings on the Grand Canal Dock beside the Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre on which a permit will be offered until March 2013. Additionally extended mooring locations will also be opened on the Grand Canal near Lock 34 in Co Offaly, Pike Bridge in Co Kildare and Abbeyshrule in Co Longford. The full details of the locations including the GPS co-ordinates, the Application Form and Guidance Notes will be available on from the 3rd December.

Update 4 December 2012: the press release is now on the WI site.

3 responses to “More mooring locations on the canals

  1. where have they posted this,cant find it anywhere?

  2. “The full details […] will be available on from the 3rd December.” The press release isn’t up on the WI site yet. The rest of if, apart from the bit I quoted, really just rehashes existing information on the EMP scheme as a whole. bjg

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