Sarah Kelly and the Royal Canal

Quite the most remarkable story I’ve come across about the Royal Canal and the Midland Great Western Railway ….

2 responses to “Sarah Kelly and the Royal Canal

  1. Hi Brian,

    I cant seem to get the link to this story and chance you could email me the story?



  2. Hmm. I checked the link on two computers, one of which has no special access to the site, and it seemed to work. It is possible that readers working in large organisations may find access constrained by corporate policies that forbid their reading pages that contain certain words. One such word, referring to the former, er, profession of Sarah Kelly, is used in the page title. It is, I think, the only word on the page to which even the most dunderheadedly puritan computer program could object and there is no lubricious material on the page. Any reader unable to access the page might leave a message here; I will send on a Word version of the page (there are no illustrations) in a plain brown email. bjg

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