The Scotch Quay crane

Here is a page about the crane on Scotch Quay, on St John’s Pill in Waterrford. I would welcome information on the age of the crane, on who made it and on how it works.

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    I have posted a couple of bits concerning the crane on your site, so no doubt you will see same.

    I think the connection to the builder might be Neptune Ironworks, but i just cannot commit myself to that without real proof, i also said in my earlier mail that it was or might have been for use by the gas works, but you can forget that idea, i was looking at the wrong place on the map.

    The crane is just quite superb, a very rare relic of a past time of heavy industry.

    Any way look over my postings and if i can find out more i will let you know.

    By the way if you have any other crane queries, just let me know, Irish cranes are very interesting as are British examples and apart from my Irish Industrial Railways i strive to keep records for all surviving cranes be it anywhere in Ireland or the UK.


    Andrew Waldron.


  2. Thank you very much. I too would guess at Neptune Ironworks, which had built quite large ships, but it would be nice to have evidence. I may have to ask Waterford Council for a copy of their Record of Protected Structures. bjg

  3. Gearoid Mac Eochaidh

    You may find this painting by Edward Morland Lewis, done c. 1930s interesting. He did a few others, but this is the clearest.
    I lived on Scotch Quay 1950-1962. I’ll look for the crane in photos.
    Link to painting –

  4. Thank you very much: very nice indeed. bjg

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