The sinking at Moyvalley


Of the Extensive Stock of Woollen and other Shop Goods, including Blankets, Flannels, and Stuffs, Cotton Cords, Hosiery, Muslins, Trimmings, &c, &c, all more or less injured by fresh water, caused by the sinking of Boat No 49, at Moyvalley, on the Evening of Monday the 9th instant, by the Night Passage Boat.

TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Store No 6, Royal Canal Harbour, Constitution Hill, on THIs DAY (Friday), 20th Nov, 1846 (weather permitting), for account of whom it may concern, the residue of the large Stock of partially damaged Shop Goods, in Lots suitable to purchasers.

Sale to commence at half-past Eleven O’Clock.

The Sale will finally close To-Morrow. There are a quantity of Pack Sheets and Boxes to be disposed of.

9, Upper Ormond-quay.

The Freeman’s Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser
20 November 1846

3 responses to “The sinking at Moyvalley

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  2. Brian, Interesting exchange in the Dail, noted on IWAI forum. Marftin

  3. Apologies: I was away, with a very poor internet connection, when your message arrived and it slipped between the cracks somehow. Thank you for the link. bjg

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