Kilkee Bathing

The Fashionable Lounge and Temple of Fancy

Mr J Ely has now open for inspection at Russell’s Lodge (next the Post-office) a splendid Fancy Bazaar, consisting of Parisian, Geneva, Vienna, and Berlin

fancy goods,

which for taste and fashion may safely challenge comparison with the assortment of Paris and London. The splendid Stock of elegant Articles is such as cannot fail to gratify the taste of the most curious; but puffing not being the custom of the Proprietor, he will feel obliged by an early visit — occular demonstration being the best proof.

This elegant Stock comprises Musical Clocks, with Fountains; Alabaster Clocks, Musical Boxes, playing from two to twelve tunes each; Accordians of all sizes; a magnificent collection of Dresden China, with Flemish Paintings; a large assortment of newly invented Dresden Mat Glass; American Glasses; a fashionable assortment of Bracelets, Snaps, and Crosslets; a truly splendid assortment of the very best manufactured London Jewellery, best Sheffield Plate, finest Persian Perfumery, and a great number of other Articles too numerous to mention; also a large quantity of German Silver Plate, which the Proprietor pledges himself are of the very best description, imported by him from the Continent.

NB — The Proprietor begs to state the terms on which he disposes of his Goods will be found to be most inducing and advantageous to the public.

(2p)                                                                                  Kilkee, August 15

The Clare Journal, and Ennis Advertiser
20 August 1838

From the British Newspaper Archive run by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited, in partnership with the British Library.

One response to “Kilkee Bathing

  1. ‘Ocular demonstrations and a puffing proprietor’ ………….. love it.

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