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Boarding in Limerick

On the morning of the day on which I left Limerick, a truly melancholy and fatal accident occurred. Just as the steamer which starts every morning for Kilrush and Kilkee, was in the act of leaving the quay, a car was seen to approach very rapidly to the station, from which the vessel had just begun to move. Planks are not used at these quays, the water being sufficiently deep to admit of the steamer lying so close as to enable the passengers to step off from the quay on board the vessel.

A fine young man jumped off the car, and took a female who was on the opposite side in his arms, and ran with her to the packet, and had just succeeded in placing her feet in the side of the boat. In order to get her safely aboard he had to push her forward, and by this means accomplished the object he had in view. But alas! in achieving so much for her, he lost himself; for at this moment the packet moved off, and it became impossible for him to reach her; while the efforts he had previously made to get the lady on board occasioned him to stretch so far forward that it was equally impossible for him to recover his upright position on the quay. The consequence was that he fell between the quay and the steamer, and, as it was supposed, was struck by a revolution of the paddle, for he never rose.

What must have been the feelings of the poor female in witnessing the sudden and melancholy death of her gallant preserver? She was in delicate health, and was about to proceed to Kilkee for the benefit of sea-bathing, when this awfully heartrending event took place, which deprived her of him who was her darling and her pride; for alas! he was her son.

Thomas Lacy Home Sketches, on both sides of the channel, being a diary Hamilton, Adams, & Co, London; W H Smith & Co, London; McGlashan, Dublin, 1852

Date of event (deduced) Wednesday 28 August 1850

Kilkee Bathing

The Fashionable Lounge and Temple of Fancy

Mr J Ely has now open for inspection at Russell’s Lodge (next the Post-office) a splendid Fancy Bazaar, consisting of Parisian, Geneva, Vienna, and Berlin

fancy goods,

which for taste and fashion may safely challenge comparison with the assortment of Paris and London. The splendid Stock of elegant Articles is such as cannot fail to gratify the taste of the most curious; but puffing not being the custom of the Proprietor, he will feel obliged by an early visit — occular demonstration being the best proof.

This elegant Stock comprises Musical Clocks, with Fountains; Alabaster Clocks, Musical Boxes, playing from two to twelve tunes each; Accordians of all sizes; a magnificent collection of Dresden China, with Flemish Paintings; a large assortment of newly invented Dresden Mat Glass; American Glasses; a fashionable assortment of Bracelets, Snaps, and Crosslets; a truly splendid assortment of the very best manufactured London Jewellery, best Sheffield Plate, finest Persian Perfumery, and a great number of other Articles too numerous to mention; also a large quantity of German Silver Plate, which the Proprietor pledges himself are of the very best description, imported by him from the Continent.

NB — The Proprietor begs to state the terms on which he disposes of his Goods will be found to be most inducing and advantageous to the public.

(2p)                                                                                  Kilkee, August 15

The Clare Journal, and Ennis Advertiser
20 August 1838

From the British Newspaper Archive run by Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited, in partnership with the British Library.

Urination in Co Clare

In County Clare, urination has a long and distinguished history. Here is a piece about one early example: while it was not on inland waters, I hope that the involvement of the Head Pacificator, renowned for his efforts to promote the Shannon, as well as of two authors who provide useful information about the river, will excuse the inclusion.


Good news for the West Clare Railway.

New speed limit on the N67 at Moyasta

And there are more engines.








Seol Sionna launch

Seol Sionna under construction

The reproduction 25′ Shannon estuary hooker Seol Sionna will be launched at Querrin, Co Clare, on Saturday 19 May 2012, with celebrations continuing at Carrigaholt (home of the sublime Long Dock pub and eatery) on the following day [h/t dbm].

Canoe at Querrin. The second syllable of “canoe” rhymes with “go”

The pier at Querrin was built by the Shannon Commissioners; one of their marker stones (there are four at Querrin) is shown above.

Whaddya mean, you don’t know where Querrin is?

Remember, if the turf boats had not established the tourist traffic to Kilrush and Kilkee, the Shannon estuary steamers might never have got going and there might never have been a P&O line.

For steam men

A short piece about the West Clare Railway. After all, L T C Rolt included a chapter on the WCR in a book about Irish waterways ….