Shinners to the right of them …

… Shinners to the left of them. The local resident Shinners, having done well in a recent election, may end up forming part of a government while, across the water, the British Shinners (formerly known as the Conservative Party) are well ensconced and about to start dispensing benefits to their supporters.

No, no, not those ex-Labour idiots who voted for them: how much did any of those voters contribute to party funds? Very little, I imagine, so they can’t expect to be rewarded with anything other than the drippings from the pan.

One of the things uniting Irish and British Shinners is a devotion to useless vanity projects, usually costing the public purse a fortune in return for little or no benefit. The Irish Shinners have been pushing the Clones Sheugh for years and they also support the Narrow Water Bridge, which would be built in the middle of nowhere and be far less useful than the Newry Bypass. The British Shinners, however, have an even more idiotic bridge in mind, to be built across a munitions dump.

Her Majesty’s Chief Nitwit, the appalling Johnson, has a string of idiotic proposals behind him, some of which even got built. And now he’s at it again, proposing both a railway line and a bridge to distract attention from his cluelessness, ignorance and stupidity. But there is probably more to it than that, as the admirable Richard Murphy points out today. The bridge (and, I suggest, the railway) will benefit the modern courtiers who finance such projects.


5 responses to “Shinners to the right of them …

  1. Speaking of vanity: How about the children’s hospital, the PSC, Irish Water. I have no love for SF, but at least they haven’t proven that they don’t give a f*&k for the average person.

  2. Very illuminating, as usual. Where would we be without you (No sarcasm)

    Still enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work

  3. A huge amount of people would not think much of your description of the British Prime Minister.

  4. I don’t think much of the British PM. I used to think that he was just stupid and ignorant, but his performance since taking over the British Shinners has shown that he is also mendacious, arrogant and incompetent.


  5. Joseph Boughey

    And lazy too, Brian. Never reads a document all the way through, or so it is said. Oh well. We live in interesting times, in the Republic too!

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