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For fans of wooden boats …

a new page of pics taken between October 2010 and December 2012.

Need a project?

Waterways Ireland intends to remove some sunken boats from the Grand Canal at Shannon Harbour. The wooden boats will be broken up and sent to landfill; the steel and GRP boats will be sold off. Perhaps, if anyone were interested (and rich) enough, WI would sell one of the wooden boats to be restored.

I can’t find the notice on WI’s own website; here it is on the Afloat site.

Here are pics of the wooden boats.

Béal na Bláth, 7m wooden cruiser

Béal na Bláth in June 2009

No Name

Described as “Wooden Cabin Cruiser (Green) South Bank East of Griffith Bridge 7m”. Could this be the one they mean?

Unidentified green-hulled cruiser in June 2009


Paloma under way in 2003

Paloma in Shannon Harbour in June 2009

More about Paloma here.

More wooden boats

I’ve added photos of some more wooden boats at the bottom of this page. Some are unidentified; I would welcome information.