Waterways users

What are waterways halting-sites or harbours used for? After some time spent on the Shannon–Erne Waterway, I can say that they’re not just for cruising boaters. Other users included:

  • sales reps (or other management types with their suit jackets on hangers in the back) needing cheap, clean loos on their journeys
  • local owners of jetskis and speedboats, launching for an evening run
  • anglers, both on shore and in boats
  • campers
  • campervanners seeking free, relatively secure overnight stops with good facilities
  • walkers and cyclists, including some long-distance chaps taking breaks
  • seekers after water.

At Ballyconnell, a chap drove down in an elderly tractor with three blue barrels on the back, filled up with water and drove away. He was followed by a couple in a 2011 Cavan-registered Renault Fluence, with six 2-litre plastic containers in the boot, who also filled up and drove off. [I have photos of both the tractor and the car.] When water is charged for by the amount used, Waterways Ireland may have to consider locking its taps.



2 responses to “Waterways users

  1. That’s an interesting thought. It will be another difficulty similar to that of householders using rubbish-collection facilities provided for boaters because they have to pay for them. On both the Shannon and the Erne I also noticed a number of people washing their boats using the drinking-water hoses, which I have to say annoys me when they’re sitting on a perfectly good supply of boat-washing water.

  2. they removed the rubbish facility in lowtown about 2 years back because it was being badly abused ,instead of trying to find a solution to the problem like putting the skip in the compound and having people show a valid permit if they wanted to dump rubbish.what do you expect in ireland.if you leave a skip outside your house these days it will end up full in no time.all new shower and toilet facilities should have a bin system that can only be accesed by a smart card.

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