The Offaly Express has a story about a new Tullamore Dew Heritage Centre, which includes this information:

As part of a wider redevelopment of the area by Tullamore Town Council, visitors will approach the new Centre along a canal-side boardwalk from which they enter a reclaimed and renovated vintage barge which will house the ticket office and a presentation on the local history of the canal produced in association with Waterways Ireland.

Always pleased to see barges being used, of course, but I’d like to know where it will be parked and how that will affect the usable width of the canal. I’m sure that was considered at planning stage, but I can’t find any documents on the ePlanning system so I’d welcome enlightenment from anyone who knows.

2 responses to “Tullamore

  1. that section will need to be dredged before a barge can get anywhere near the wall.or maybe people will have to walk a plank to buy their ticket and get the authentic experience.then again that would be a h+s nightmare.oh! wont someone please think of the children.

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