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Here’s a fun bit from the bumpf pile about the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Waterways Ireland’s parent department in roI:

From the Expenditure Report 2013 Part 1

From the Expenditure Report 2013 Part 1

As last year, waterways exist only in the context of northsouthery, which itself is the lowest of DAHG’s priorities. The interesting thing is that DAHG is having its expenditure ceiling raised by €2.2 million, but it’s not going to waterways or even to northsouthery.

Culture for Angela

Culture for Angela

So we’re going to be forcing unfortunate EU leaders to sit through plays and such. But hold on: is there a staging of An Béal Bocht available?

At least the money is not going on the Ghastly Gathering.

Anyway, there will be lots of unspecified savings to compensate, like these:

Sauve qui peut

Sauve qui peut

The two right-hand columns are headed Savings in 2013 and Full Year Savings.

And more to come:

Tomorrow, tomorrow ....

Tomorrow, tomorrow ….

Finally, here’s a bit from the MinFin:

From Michael Noonan's Financial Statement

From Michael Noonan’s Financial Statement

Wouldn’t it be nice if he took the opportunity to abolish green diesel altogether as part of the scheme?

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