More about thon sheugh …

in Nicaragua.

“Financing still a mystery”, eh? Does that mean that they already have a business case, but that they’re not telling anyone what’s in it? Of course what they need is an inter-agency group, which would soon find the money. It’s bound to be worth it because, as Mr Ortega said,

… the proposed canal “will permit the country to eradicate poverty and misery.”

As canals always do.


2 responses to “More about thon sheugh …

  1. Out of curiosity, why, in your considered opinion, are Sin Fein so interested in this sheugh ?

  2. I really find it impossible to imagine. I have no contacts in SF: I did once email their press office to ask, but I got no reply. None of the published reasons seems to make any sense. Perhaps SF feels guilty about the economic damage inflicted on Clones by IRA activity in the early 1920s (see Terence Dooley The Plight of Monaghan Protestants, 1912–1926 Maynooth Studies in Irish Local History, Irish Academic Press, Dublin and Portland 2000). Or maybe it’s just that, of all the possible activities of cross-border bodies, this is the one most likely to provide photo opportunities and motherhood-and-apple-pie press coverage, showing the benefits of hands-across-the-borderism. But that seems too straightforward for SF. bjg

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