River Suir

My spies tell me that the RTE television programme Nationwide, to be broadcast on Wednesday 13 May 2015 at 7.00pm, will include some material about the River Suir and perhaps some footage of a former tug-barge, the Knocknagow, that plied thereon.

6 responses to “River Suir

  1. Pat Ryan 087 8107361

    Thanks for that,I look forward to watching it.
    Pat Ryan
    Tipperary Town

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  3. Pat Ryan 087 8107361

    Enjoyed the program very much,especially the Knocknagow and its history,I have come across your barge last year a few times on my travels and also through the TNC’s excellent website.Only recently I discovered your own website which is a fantastic resource for any water enthusiast and a source of unrivaled information on our waterways and more.
    Good sailing
    Pat Ryan

  4. Just watched the section on the RTE Player. Congratulations on an excellent performance. If there is ever a future TV series featuring the Irish waterways, RTE have found their presenter.

  5. Thank you. bjg

  6. Thank you very much. Drop in next time you see us! bjg

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