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River Suir

My spies tell me that the RTE television programme Nationwide, to be broadcast on Wednesday 13 May 2015 at 7.00pm, will include some material about the River Suir and perhaps some footage of a former tug-barge, the Knocknagow, that plied thereon.




Refuse, it says: The Shannon Navigation has a policy of Leave No Trace. Take away litter and refuse and dispose of it properly.

Unfortunately Ryanair limits the amount of stuff a visiting tourist can carry home on an aeroplane.


The mystery of the missing bollard

Boaters on Lough Derg were shocked today to realise that a key part of the lake’s infrastructure, the corner bollard at Dromaan, had gone missing.

The mystery of the missing bollard_resize

The vanished bollard

There it was gone

“We didn’t know it was there until it was gone,” said a weeping cruiser-owner. “Without that bollard, the outer berth on the right-hand side is useless: you can’t tie a boat there. And the middle berth is useless too. Two whole berths gone. With so many other spaces taken by harbour-hoggers and abandoned vessels, we’ll end up tying off barges or something.”

Sergeant Pluck of Whitegate said: “Is it about a bicycle?” Later, Superintendent Clohessy, from Tipp, admitted that he was baffled. The theft of a bollard had not previously been recorded. It was, he said, a quare conundrum and a right pancake.

Waterways Ireland has not commented on the matter.



Lough Derg 8 July 2012

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Lunch …

… at Dromaan

… at Dromineer

Dromaan at night

Dromaan at night (December 2011)

Water, water every where …

… nor any drop to drink. I had not realised that WI turned off the water supply at public harbours for the winter — or at least at some of them: Dromineer and Dromaan. I must check when visiting others.