The Ballina pontoon

That’s Ballina, Co Tipperary, on the Shannon, opposite Killaloe.

Killaloe 20160101 14_resize

Looking upstream

Killaloe 20160101 15_resize

The ramp

Killaloe 20160101 20_resize

Looking downstream

Killaloe 20160101 21_resize

From the railway footbridge

Photos taken on 1 January 2016.

The pontoon seems to be more severely affected than it was in the last big floods, on 22 November 2009.

New Ballina pontoon in floods 20091122 1_resize

From across the river

New Ballina pontoon in floods 20091122 2_resize

From the bridge


3 responses to “The Ballina pontoon

  1. Brian, on the 01/01/2016 the “flow of water” downstream from Parteen Weir was increased to 470 cumecs (+ ??? cumecs at Ardnacrusha?). Do you know how the flow/discharge was there on 22 November 2009?

  2. No. The ESB was much less specific in 2009 than it has been this year. I have a little information here, but it is hard to make sense of it. If “700 tons a second down the river” means “down through O’Briensbridge and Castleconnell”, that is more than the 500 cumec that ESB now says was sent down the river in 2009. And the levels were to be increased on 23 November 2009. So did the 700 figure perhaps mean “down through Ardnacrusha and O’Briensbridge/Castleconnell”? Here I quote the Irish Independent as saying that 460 tons per second were sent through Castleconnell.

    On this page, I tried (unsuccessfully) to make sense of the little information that was provided in 2009.

    Some years ago I wrote to Waterways Ireland to say that I thought that, even in non-flood conditions, the flow past the Ballina pontoons made their use too dangerous, at least for inexperienced boaters.


  3. Thanks Brian, yes levels and inflow of Lough Derg at Portumna and the discharge rates at Ardnacrusha and Parteen seem to be well-kept secrets.

    I also would not moor there for several reasons and one important point is the often strong current there.

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