RoI Budget 2016 for 2017

The Irish government’s Expenditure Report 2017 Parts I to III is available here [PDF]. The Department of Fairytales [aka Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs] gets a 1% increase for Programme D, North-South Co-operation, subject to the approval of the North/South Ministerial Council.

This programme includes certain language bodies and, more importantly, Waterways Ireland. The estimate for capital expenditure, almost all (if usual patterns prevail) for Waterways Ireland, is the same as for 2016, at €2799000, which suggests that the good people of Clones won’t be getting a sheugh any time soon, although judging by today’s Irish Times [possible paywall], they don’t seem to be expecting one.

The Programme D estimate for current spending is up from €34925000 to €35166000, making for an overall increase of one per cent.

The department’s overall capital allocation is down, but changes in departmental functions and the ending of the special anniversary funding make it impossible to say anything useful about that. Looking forward, the department’s Gross Voted Capital Expenditure is shown as €119 million for 2017, €115 million for 2018 and €118 million for 2019.

Waterways are funded only in order to promote northsouthery:

The aim of this Programme is to maintain, develop and foster North-South co-operation in the context of the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement. Under this Programme, the allocation for 2017 will:

– Through Foras na Gaeilge and the Ulster-Scots Agency, promote the Irish and Ulster Scots language and culture; and
 Through Waterways Ireland, maintain the waterways for some 15,000 registered boat users.

I presume Waterways Ireland will get extra funding to work out a system of border controls for the Shannon–Erne Waterway.

More budget stuff here.


3 responses to “RoI Budget 2016 for 2017

  1. I fear the Newry & Portadown branch of the IWAI will be flabberghasting you much sooner than any Clones Sheught ever will – the Newry Canal will be restored to navigation ‘in no time’ at their current rate of progress ;) Of course, Northsouthery only currently extends its aegis to navigable waterways, but several MLAs have been seen seeking photo opportunitys at Scarva in recent weeks…

  2. Happily, they’re doing the work themselves. And as it’s all in HM Realm, Free State taxpayers won’t be called upon to fund it, at least until Ireland rejoins the United Polity of These Islands after Iexit.


  3. Although under Mrs May’s current proposals for ‘out-sourcing’ border controls to Ireland, checkpoints may have to be installed at the entrance to the Newry Ship Canal, to prevent hordes of illegal boat people trafficking their way into Her Majesty’s realm from the shores of Louth…

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