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For, and, nor, but, or, yet: nothing to do with waterways

How cheering to see an article about the importance of writing. I don’t want to overemphasise the importance of a single instance or to be taken as supporting the methods described: I have not studied their advantages and disadvantages. But I am firmly of the opinion that (a) writing is important and (b) writing and thinking are inseparable. Furthermore, I am heartened to see that some of the things I have said to PhD students — about the importance of the short words that show the connections between concepts and ideas — are repeated in the Atlantic article.

Praise for Athlone

From William Henry Smith CE A Twelve Months’ Residence in Ireland, during the famine and the public works, 1846 and 1847. With suggestions to meet the coming crisis: practical suggestions to English and Irish landholders, on improved agriculture, reclamation of bogs, mosses and other waste lands; physical and social aspect; the famine and public works; monetary suggestions for Irish property; harbours and fisheries [Longman, Brown, Green, & Longmans, London; Hodges and Smith, Dublin 1848]:

As it is, there are some very fine solid works here; the bridge, the locks, and the weir, do great credit to all parties, both in the skill of design, and care in execution; they are the only great improvements, west of Dublin, possessing a really English character of magnitude, usefulness, and finish.