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Dept Ag

Big it up for the Lands Branch (who knew?) of the Dept of Ag, which responded immesiately to tell me that the fishing rights in my garden are owned by the Central Fisheries Board, which is called something else these days, so we know it’s much more efficient.

If only the DeptAg folk in charge of Section 46 of the Merchant Shipping (Investigation of Marine Casualties) Act 2000 were as quick to respond as their Lands Branch colleagues.

Fishing rights

Looking at the deeds for my house today, I found that the Land Commission took the fishing rights for the land whereon the house is built.

At the moment, these rights are of little value as the house is near the top of a hill and surrounded by other houses and a graveyard. However, what with global warming and all that, it may be that there will be a rise in water levels and that the fishing rights will then be valuable.

Accordingly, I have written to the Department of Agriculture, which may be the successor to the Land Commission, to ask it to give me the fishing rights.