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Big it up for the OSI

I don’t know whether there is any official award scheme for contributions to historical research but, if there is, I reckon Ordnance Survey Ireland should get one. By making available, free, online versions of the OSI 6″ [~1840s] and 25″ [~1900] maps, they have provided amateur historians with an invaluable resource.

Using their public viewer, you can go to somewhere like Lecarrow, on Lough Ree, and look at what it was like before the Famine, around the start of the twentieth century or, using the Ortho options, in 1995, 2000 and 2005. As well, of course, as a bang-up-to-date map of Lecarrow today.

The most recent map was updated recently and the site fell over altogether for a while, then operated without the historical maps for another while. I suspect that I wasn’t the only person to realise, while it was down, how valuable the site was (and how far superior, at least for historical study, to the godawful Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland version).

So big it up for Ordnance Survey Ireland: delighted it’s back up again.