Waterways Ireland salary reductions

Annex E of the Waterways Ireland Corporate Plan 2011–2013 [PDF] ssets out the Efficiency Savings Delivery Plan:

This Delivery Plan describes the measures Waterways Ireland will implement to achieve its target savings for 2011–2013.

Efficiency Programme

The Body will realise total efficiencies of £5,229,000/€6,377,000 from 2011-2013 as shown in the Total Efficiency Table below. […]

One problem for WI is that it expects to have to increase its pension costs by €1,175,000 over the three years, which means that WI actually has to save about €7.5 million over three years. It is showing a “Reduction in Capital Spend” of €3,102,ooo over the three years, plus reductions in Admin of €1,637,000 and in Resource of €2,813,000.

Here is how WI intends to achieve the Admin savings (€1,637,000 over three years):

Increase control in administration including negotiation of reductions in rates for Back Office Managed Services, new mobile phone contract and overtime control.

And the Resource savings (€2,813,000 over three years):

Controls over maintenance costs including lockkeepers agreement, salary reductions in Ireland and overtime control.

That looks as if most of the Resource savings are going to come from the wages bill; that in turn suggests that other costs have already been cut. The Resource reductions are allocated to waterways. In descending order of size the total figures for the three-year period are:

  • Grand Canal €910,000
  • Shannon Navigation €662,000
  • Royal Canal €503,000
  • Barrow Navigation €387,000
  • Shannon–Erne Waterway €232,000
  • Erne System €70,000
  • Lower Bann €69,000



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