Dry docks

Waterways Ireland has a new web page up about the conditions under which it will allow its dry docks to be used. The page includes links to a downloadable MS Word application form and a PDF. Anyone applying to use a dry dock must now submit:

  • a completed application form
  • a letter from an insurance company confirming that the owner has adequate insurance in place [sic] to bring vessel into a dry dock for works
  • a letter from the insurance company of any third party contractors to be employed confirming they have adequate insurance in place [sic] to carry out the proposed works
  • the relevant payment for number of days usage booked
  • a security deposit payment of €250
  • a shoring/propping certificate
  • a method statement of work to be carried out
  • a safety statement for work to be carried out.

In April 2012 I discussed the issues here.

My page about dry docks is here.

6 responses to “Dry docks

  1. Why not just close them to all .To comply with that lot is a total non starter.
    When has there ever been an accident?????????????????

  2. Given the low charges, I suspect that WI wouldn’t be too bothered if nobody used the dry docks.

    I am still trying to find out whether my insurance policy will cover me if I use a dry dock.

    On the other hand, I see an opportunity here for commercial operators, perhaps with waterside premises ….


  3. What ever happened to a competent person to dock down and then the owner left to get on within agreed limits. as far as insurance goes all craft at sea often have a habit of sitting down when the tide goes out. Nature does not ask for risk assessment etc. and all insurances are usually happy provided the boat is handled in a competent manner.

  4. what do they mean by a safety statement for work to be carried out.?

  5. IANAL, and indeed IANWI, but I suggest that you look at the HSA website. bjg

  6. I’m paying Eamonn Egan to lift Winter Solstice out this time. I would be happy to pay WI a reasonable amount but really can’t be bothered with all the ‘red tape’

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